Charlie Taublieb

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Industry consultant Charlie Taublieb, president of Taublieb Consulting, began his screen printing career in 1976 as co-owner of a company specializing in screen printing rock concert shirts, much of which was on black or dark shirts with difficult and interesting art. After moving to Colorado, he opened a screen printing supply company.  His first screen printing consulting assignment came in about 1978 and he has been a full time screen printing consultant since 1995.


Taublieb purchased his first Newman Roller Frames during SPA ’79 (SGIA) in Hollywood, Florida and has been an advocate ever since and is Stretch Devices Certified.  He has done videos, workshops and seminars related to proper screen making procedures and the benefits of high tension. 


Since first speaking in 1980, Charlie has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops at trade shows for ISS, SGIA and DAX in the US.  He also does Charlie’s Corner and speaks at shows for PSI, and TV TecStyle Visions in Germany, CO/CT in France and FESPA in Mexico, Europe and Asia.  


Taublieb writes for IMPRESSIONS Magazine and other screen printing publications throughout the world and is translated in many languages.


Charlie has consulted for many shops throughout the years and focused on improving productivity, profitability and streamlining their operation.


Taublieb Consulting is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado and can be contacted via the following:


Phone: 303-290-8009
Cell: 303-618-8955

Fax: 303-779-0750
Skype: drprint2001

Charlie has been a Golden Image Award judge for many years and is a past winner.  He is a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology.